July 22, 2016

Moving Sucks...

You guys… Moving sucks. I’m warning you now that this post is full of whining.

(This photo has nothing to do with the post, but it's pretty and I like the colors.)

It doesn’t matter how big or small the space is that you are moving out of. It just generally sucks. And this is the first move that Dave and I are facilitating by ourselves. Talk about #adulting. Don’t even get me started on dealing with electric and cable companies. Or making an appointment to get carpets cleaned. Yeesh.

I’ve already told you guys how small our apartment is. Probably about 400-500 square feet. I actually prefer a small space, because it limits how much stuff you have (supposedly), and there is enough room to be together if we want, but separate if we want.

Even though we have a teeny tiny space that we are moving from, it is FULL OF STUFF. I never realized that I am a card hoarder. If you gave me a birthday card 5 years ago, I still have it. Dave is similar, but with things. He has an under the bed tote that is just full of trinkets. And we both have SO many books.

We have been slowly packing, organizing and purging stuff for the last two weeks, which is SO much easier than doing it on one or two days. The downside of that is that we are living in a forest of boxes. Where is my camera, you might ask? I have no flipping clue.

We are using a Uhaul U-Box for this move, and I’m excited/nervous to see how it works. We have to ship our stuff out tomorrow, and it will arrive in Pittsburgh on the 1st. It was the cheapest option for us, but now we have to live without 95% of our stuff for the next week.

To end on a positive note, I am very excited for our new space and new city. I can’t wait to explore and find new local “reglular” places. Like the regular place to order pizza from. A new regular grocery store. Our new regular Friday happy hour location.

So I will be keeping you guys up to date as best I can, but just know that it is crazytown here. I pretty much suck at Snapchat, but I’ll try to keep that updated (unlike I did for the wedding – sorry!!) Love you guys!!

July 20, 2016

#teamwhywedding: The Wedding Week

Happy Wedding Wednesday guys! I am so excited to finally share with you all of the details, stories and fun stuff from our wedding. I keep looking over the photos reliving that day, and just feel so happy. Of course I'm linking up with Macy and Nikki for Wedding Wednesday.

We started our trip from Norfolk to Rochester on Friday after work. We needed to make a pit stop in Pittsburgh to find an apartment, so we did that on Saturday morning. We actually only saw one apartment, but we knew that it was right for us the second we walked in. Dave and I both are looking forward to city living, and I’m so excited about the area that we chose to live in.

We stopped to walk around the Carnegie Mellon campus for a little while. I had to play paparazzi for a minute because I am just SO proud of this guy. 

We stayed with my aunt in Pittsburgh on Saturday night, and then made our way to Rochester. We had a TON of stuff to finish up that week, including putting the favors together, ironing linens, putting together the seating chart, and picking up all sorts of stuff.

On Monday morning, Miss Caroline and I went to pick up our dresses from the tailor. Care was so excited that we had finally reached wedding week, and she was the best little sidekick.

On Tuesday, we picked up our marriage license from the town clerk. It was quick, and easy to get, which I was kind of surprised at. Caroline tagged along with us for that too. She is such a little photo bomber.

My bestie/bridesmaid Meghan came into town on Wednesday, and we had a lot of BFF bonding time while doing wedding stuff. This included eating macaroni and cheese at the Rochester Jazz festival, shopping, and wearing matching Champagne Campaign shirts.

On Friday, we started the day with an appointment at the nail salon. Of course accompanied by mimosas. I think that we created a monster when Caroline got her first mani/pedi. Look at her getting a massage from the nail technician.

Friday continued with us setting up a bunch of stuff at the venue, a nap, and then the rehearsal. I unfortunately don’t have any photos of that, so we will have to skip it L

Next week I’ll be sharing the girls getting ready!

July 15, 2016

Beauty Empties

We are moving in 2 weeks. I am so not prepared. And we decided to use a U-Haul U-Box to ship our stuff to Pittsburgh, and that needs to be sent out by the 24th. Lord help me. 

I have been trying to get rid of as much old stuff, stuff that I don't use regularly, and stuff that is just sitting around as possible. This means going through my collection of makeup and other beauty supplies, and either throwing out/using/giving a lot of it away. During this product purge (which is still going on, let's be honest), I've found that I had a lot of make up that is expired. That instantly went into the trash, because germs.

I have a lot of stuff here, and there is probably going to be more in the near future. I tell ya, you don't know all the crap you've accumulated over a couple of years until it is time to move.

boscia Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Hydrogel Mask - I picked this up from Sephora the month before the wedding. I was having a problem with blackheads around my lips, and was trying everything to get rid of them. I still am a little bit on the fence about sheet masks, but charcoal sheet masks seem to be my favorite.

Daylogic Bright Eyes Gel Eye Mask - Also something that I was using pre-wedding. I actually used a pair of these on the morning of the wedding, just for a little bit of luxurious feeling, and to help tame my ever present dark under eye area. These are SO cheap at the drugstore. I'm about to get some more.

Yes to Coconut Cleansing Wipes - I have repurchased these multiple times. I love the smell, and they do a great job getting makeup off without over drying your face. I didn't realize until I was looking these up online that they are formulated for extra dry skin, which I do not have in the slightest. They still work great though, and I will continue to purchase them.

L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight Straight Perfecting Balm - I received this from an Influenster VoxBox, which also included shampoo and conditioner. My hair is naturally very straight, so I found that this weighed it down too much. Maybe it would work better in other textures of hair?

Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head | Radiance - I had this for waaaay too long. This is the brush head that I started using in December. I love how gentle it is, but you still get a good scrub. I've noticed when using it that my complexion is much more even.

Josie Maran Argan Black Oil Mascara - If you are looking for a natural mascara, this is a great one. This came in a gift set that I got for my birthday a couple years ago. I was never very excited about this, because I like my lashes to be bold, long and thick. However lately I have been going without makeup more often to help my face breathe a little bit. Using this product would be a great subtle product.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz | Medium Brown - I love the Brow Wiz, but I can't justify the price, when there are so many other products that work just as well, for less than half the price. I bought this when I first got in to filling in my eyebrows (recommended by Meg at Meg O. on the Go), and now if I don't have them filled, I feel like my face is naked.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow Eyeshadow and | Black Diamond - For a while I was in a phase of not using eyeliner, but using a black eyeshadow to create a line right above my lid. It worked pretty well, but didn't last very long. I don't know why I thought that was a thing. This is a really good eyeshadow, and it is VERY black.

Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Singles | Forest Green - From another short phase when I experimented with colored shadows. Honestly, they just aren't my thing...I'm a neutral lover. But this shadow lasted for YEARS, and I still broke it out in March for St. Patrick's Day.

COVERGIRL Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadows | Champagne - This is the perfect shade for your brow bone. It has a light shimmer, and is a nice cool toned neutral. This particular pan that I have is WAY expired, but I might buy this in the future. It is very similar to Urban Decay's Bootycall, which I LOVE.

tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 | Light Sand - This is currently my favorite high end foundation. It goes on really well, the tube lasted me a long time, and it has the added benefit of SPF 15. This is a very full coverage product, so I recommend starting light and building up. Personally I like to apply my foundation with a brush, but I think a beauty blender would work great too.

Sephora Collection Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner | Matte Black and Matte Charcoal - These are my holy grail eyeliners right now. They are not too expensive, and come in a huge variety of shades. They are truly waterproof, but will come off easily with a makeup wipe. I've repurchased both of these shades a couple of times, and now I kind of want to branch out into some new shades.

Younique Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powders | Daring - I received this product for review from a Younique consultant a while ago. I love the color, and I love how the pigment goes onto the eye, but I am not a fan of loose powder for eyeshadow. I find that it is hard (for me) to keep things consistent, and I usually end up making a mess. I am giving this to a friend.

Maybelline Volum'Express The Rocket Mascara | Blackest Black - I love Maybelline mascaras, and this one was great. I used every last drop of it. I normally don't gravitate to the rubbery brushes, as I like when mascara is a little bit drier on a spoolie type brush, but this one was great. It coated the lashes very easily without being too wet, and the brush was perfect for avoiding eyelash clumps.

Sephora Collection MicroSmooth Baked Eyeshadow | Sunray - I bought this a few years ago, before I bought a naked palette. The golden shade wasn't right on me, but I loved (and hit pan) on the champagne and the dark brown shades. The Sephora Collection is very good quality, and usually doesn't cost as much as other high end brands. I would love to try some other products from this line... Any recommendations?

Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain | Rendezvous - This is just not my color. While I like and have worn shades that are a little bit more orange, this one is ORANGE. However I love the texture of the balm, and the stain lasts for a while. I actually purchased a different shade in matte a little while ago.

LAQA & CO Cheeky Lip Pencil | Humble Brag - A fun, bright pink shade. I only ever used this on my lips (not sure about using it on your cheek? It would be sticky?), but I really liked the pop of color it gave. Unfortunately I left this in the hot car and it melted.

NYX Cosmetics Butter Gloss | Vanilla Cream Pie - I know tons of people RAVE about NYX's Buttergloss, but I could not get on board with the smell. It was cloyingly sweet, and almost as soon as I put it on, I wanted to take it off. I am generally a fan of lip products with scents, but this was just gross.

Maybelline ColorSensational Color Elixir Lip Color | Rose Redefined - In a similar way that the NYX gloss was too sweet, this gloss is way too sticky. I like the color, but the stickiness isn't worth it. I'm not a fan of my lips sticking together when I talk... like most people are.

Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Lip Balm | Ruby - I feel very "meh" about this. It is tinted, which is nice, but it isn't the best balm. I just don't pick it up.

Yes to Carrots Lip Butter | Mint - Another one that I'm just not wowed by. I like the Yes To line a lot, but this lip butter is not very creamy, and I don't reach for it. I would much rather use a Fresh Balm, or even just Blistex.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 | Untinted - The best lip balm I have ever used hands down. I almost always put this on before I went to sleep, and would wake up with still a little bit of moisture on my lips. I bought this as a mini gift pack of 2, but am going to purchase the full size soon.

Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Color| Nearly There - I accidentally bought this while looking for my holy grail lipstick, Maybelline's Warmed Up. While similar in shade, Nearly There has a pearl tint that I don't find flattering on me. I feel like I look like an old lady with it on. I should have returned this, but just never did.

July 13, 2016

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Yargeau

Happy Wedding Wednesday from the newest Mrs. Yargeau! I mentioned on Instagram that we got our professional photos back, but I still have to figure out how I want to plan out my Wednesday posts for the next while. Does anyone have any recommendations or requests?

The wedding was the most absolute perfect day. I couldn't be happier with everything. I can't wait to get into some details next week!

Sorry for the short post this week, but these newlyweds are getting ready to move to Pittsburgh in 2 and a half weeks!! XOXO

July 4, 2016

My Favorite Quotes To Live By

Hi Friends, and Happy Independence Day! I wrote this before we left for the wedding, which I both love and dislike. I love that I still get to post while I’m on vacation (in all honesty we are probably relaxing at a lake house right now), but I don’t like that it feels scheduled like “work.” Oh well.

I love linking up with Sarah Emily Blogs and Girl Talk Blog for their Monday prompts, and since I am writing this ahead of time, I thought this would be a perfect one to join in for. Today we are talking about our favorite quotes, and I just had to share mine with you. 

I love a good quote, but I think short phrases to live by are even better. I always pick a focus word for the year (this year mine is celebrate!) and it helps me work on being better in just a small way. I find that when I use these phrases as sort of a mantra, it helps me to actually live it. 

This is an old Polish proverb that over the past year has come to be my favorite saying. I have been working really hard on not getting involved both physically and emotionally on things that don’t have any effect on me. I have found that in the past, I spend a lot of time worrying, or working to fix things that I really have no need doing.

By reminding myself that when it’s “not my circus, not my monkeys,” I feel almost like I am giving myself permission to let go of that worry. If it isn’t something that I’m in control over, I can’t fix it, and shouldn’t worry about having to. Does that make sense? I found this article extremely interesting and helpful.

My other favorite saying lately is simply “you do you.” This kind of goes in hand with the first one, but is more about letting people make their own decisions. Moral of the story is that I need to stop worrying about what others do/think/feel/etc. and focus more on myself.

52 Week Blogger Challenge
What are your favorite mantras, or words to live by?