April 10, 2011


I am SO excited to be sharing my first DIY post! I seriously LOVE to DIY and repurpose which is why  it is one of  the things i wanted to talk about. This is a project that I did last week, but I feel that it is just too cute to not mention!

I have been a little bit bored lately with the decor in my purple room, so I decided to do a little crafting to spruce it up! I saw these flowers on Etsy and was extremely inspired by them.

These ones are kind of small, and I wanted to hang them, so I decided to make mine a little bit bigger. I thrifted a vintage book to make the petals, and bought some bright colored buttons for the center. When I was cutting out the circles for the petals, I wanted them to be really varied looking, so I changed up the sizes. I ended up layering 4 cut out circles on top of each other to create one flower.

Once I had them layered, I took a button and sewed them together. This bound them and attached the center of the flower in one step. It was very easy to sew thread through the layered paper too.

Then I took the top two layers of petals and cut a little bit of fringe, so they would stick out a little bit better. This just gave them a little bit of dimension. This is what I ended up with!

They don't look very "fluffy" in this picture, but I currently have them hanging in front of my curtains, and they look just wonderful! When the wind blows they blow in the breeze too! I'll have to share a picture later!

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