April 14, 2011


So I just have to comment on some things that have been making me feel really good lately.

One. That is is No Impact week this week, and I have actually made an effort to make less of an impact! I've walked to school, used reusable utensils, turned our heat off. Unplugged chargers when they weren't in use. I feel like I am making such a difference with these little steps.

Two. I donated a whopping FIVE bags of clothes to the Salvation Army this week! It feels so good to give back, and also to have a nicely organized closet and dresser!

Three. Speaking of Salvation Army, I recently thrifted some cozy sweaters and these three frames for $8 total! These little beauties are going to make for some nice art work on my walls soon.

Three. Some of my family is coming to visit me next week! My mom, Dan and Caroline are coming down to visit from Sunday to Tuesday! I am SO excited. 

Four. I got to watch Tangled last night with my friends. I loved that movie, and think it was the best movie Disney has put out in a long long time. I especially love the music in it.

Five. I sent Dave an Easter package this week, and he got it today! I just love to do stuff like that, and it makes me happy that I can. Sending packages and letters is one small bright spot to being in a long-distance relationship. It always brightens your day when you can send or receive something from the person you love. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! And you have just as many things to be happy about!
xox alex

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