April 11, 2011


New thing number one: I am employed for the summer! I'm gonna babysit some really cute kids, and swim with them, and do crafts, and cook cool stuff. Basically it's just going to consume this blog with all the cool stuff we're gonna do.

New thing number two: it was SO hot last night, and I couldn't sleep, so I decided to try a first attempt at a banner. I've been seeing lots of cool banners that I like lately, so I wanted to try one. Mine kind of looks like a circus or something, but I'm sure with a little bit of practice, I'll be a banner pro in no time.

See, it turned out a little bit long, but I really like the idea. It adds a little bit of spunk to my very serene room. And pay no attention to the overflowing cork board. I literally put everything that I think is pretty up there. It is starting to get out of control.

New thing number three: I have been wanting a new photo app on my iPhone for a little while now. Something that will change the color saturation, the texture, stuff like that. And by no means am I, in any way, good at taking photos. But I thought that this might be a cool little thing to have. So I found the 'Hipstamatic.' Seriously, so cool. The screen looks like you are taking a photo out of a real camera, and then you can change the lenses, flash, and film. I'm still working out the kinks, but I took these pics of my new banner, and one of my friend Natalie.

Pretty artsy, huh? So this is my new fun thing to try out. Pretty much I am obsessed right now with creating things. I have some big plans for my living room wall, some embroidery hoops and some fabric swatches.

And stay tuned for a "before" tour of my school apartment! This spring and summer (when I am here) are going to be devoted to making it a wonderful creative space with my best crafty pal Meghan.

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