April 8, 2011


I am SO excited to be blogging!

I have really wanted to start writing a blog for a few months now, but have had the worst time deciding what to write about. I know a couple of people who write, whether it is for their jobs or for fun, and I have always thought it is such a cool idea.

This will primarily be an outlet for me to share my creative ideas and experiences. I think of myself as pretty creative, and always want to share. By no means are my creations masterpieces, whether they be crafts or food, but I am proud of them.

So be on the look out for DIY, cooking, music, daily life activities, pretty much anything that strikes me as interesting, I will probably share with you. I really do not hesitate to share things.

For example! Today when I was leaving the library at Mercyhurst College (where I go to school), there was this planter with a tree and some snow still in it from yesterday. But coming out of the snow and mulch there were tulips!! They weren't blooming yet, but it just reminded us that spring is coming so soon!

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