April 20, 2011


So I have to start off by saying, that my best friend from high school and I love to send things in the mail to each other, and many of the things she sends me will probably make an appearance in this blog.

This little beauty is what I received from her today!

Don't you love it? And to quote the message inside... "I made it. Well sorta. I put the ribbon on  it."

I just have to say, good job Liz, I love your card, I think it is so pretty, and wonderful that you added your little touch. I always look forward to see what you are going to send!

Don't you just love to send things in the mail though? I mean, I always know to look out for something, but when you find it there in your box, then you just feel so loved for that little moment. That someone would take the time to send you something that they probably have handwritten, or spent some time writing. I just love that feeling. So suspenseful and romantic.

That is why, even though we text and talk on Facebook, Liz and I continue to send each other mail.

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