April 8, 2011


So yesterday, before all the excitement occurred about creating my new blog, I had to go to class. I knew that we were planning on making bio diesel in my energy science lab, but I had no idea it was going to be SO FUN.

One of my best friends is my lab partner. Her name is Liz. We started off doing normal lab-type things, but then we had to shake our cooking oil and chemical mixture. For ten minutes. And we started to notice the resemblance of the concoction to honey mustard. However I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to eat this stuff.

So our shaking process consisted of every "shaking" and "spinning" song that we could think of, and dancing around with bio diesel, until we almost broke the glass container it was in, and spilled bio diesel everywhere. Then we decided we should probably (try to) play it cool.

 See we were having so much fun!

This is where I'm trying to be discreet. Look at how goofy my face is while I continue to shake the thing.

And this is what we made! The top part is bio diesel, and the bottom part is ethanol (waste). You could probably put that in your car and it would go. I'm just saying, Liz and I are like, expert chemists now.

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