May 2, 2011

All Things Seem Possible in May

Hello all! I am so excited about the month of May! I am ready for it to get warm, to finish with school and to just have time to relax. May is the start of summer, and I have some important goals that I want to accomplish this summer.

1. I want to cook a new dish that I have never made before at least once a week. I really want to expand my realm of dishes, to not only be much more delicious, but much healthier as well. I have been toying with the idea of becoming a vegetarian, but I don't know if I could a) suffer not eating meat, or b) be satisfied with the tastes of some of the stuff that I have seen that is veg.

2. I want to grow something! I am trying to grow this little plant out on my window sill, but it isn't working out very well. I think once it is warmer, and I have some time to love and nurture a plant, I could definitely grow some super pretty ones!

3. Make some super pretty DIY things for my friend Veronica's wedding. Meghan and I are in charge of the bachelorette party, and I can assure you, dear ones, that there will be a multitude of wonderful things to see.

4. Since I will be home in Rochester for the summer, I am going to be sure to hit up some of the local thrifting hot spots. Especially our Public Market. Such a cool place. And amazing fruit empanadas.
                                                                 rochester public market

5. Go on a picnic. Dave and I have been on one or two before, and I love them. Such a nice time to relax together and just enjoy nature. And we always get delicious food to make. 

6. Order salt water sandals and TOMS. If I get some of these, my little feetsies will be all set until it gets cold!
7. Celebrate our five year anniversary ♥      
8. Make a wreath to hang on our front door! Our red door is starting to bore me!

9. Read approximately ten books. My Nonie has a library, and she is always ready and willing to loan out good ones. Maybe while I relax by a pool...?

10. Enjoy the (potentially) last summer at home with my family. Next year I graduate (eek!), and will hopefully be moving in with Dave and getting a job. So scary. But for now I have one last time to enjoy my very minor responsibilities.

I hope your plans for the summer are just as wonderful as mine!!
xox alex

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