May 26, 2011


Lately I have been seriously lacking in anything interesting to share. I am home right now, and currently just taxiing my little sister to school. I'm facing a bit of blogger's block.

However, I do have this incredibly cute moment to show you. Caroline and I were having a "picnic" this afternoon when she got home from school. Dave has an internship at the Public Defenders Office this summer, and he came to visit us after work. Care is obsessed with the Lion King, and loves to pretend that our neighbors retaining wall is pride rock. She bossily told Dave that he was going to be Mufasa, and she was going to be both Simba and Nahla. Of course I had to document the BFFs in action.

I played the part of Rafiki, and had to sing "The Circle of Life" over and over. And over. I have listened to the Lion King Broadway soundtrack many, many times this week.

On another note, I started a new project!! One of my goals for this summer was to make a wreath for the front door of my apartment with the rest of a vintage book from previous projects. So I learned how to make some paper spiral rosettes, and am covering a wreath form with them! This is what it looks like so far:

In this photo they kind of look like clams :) I will definitely keep you updated though!!

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