May 4, 2011


Hi everyone!!

Yesterday was a super busy day for me, I worked my first public relations event! Well, it was for a class, and I didn't really do any work at the event, just leading up to it. But it was really cool nevertheless.

The Communication Department (with whom I am taking my Public Relations class) sponsored Josh Fox, the creator of the movie Gasland, to come to campus to talk about fracking (hydraulic fracturing, which is a method of extracting natural gas). His documentary won the Sundance Film Festival, and was nominated for an Academy Award, so it was really cool to meet someone like that.

My class' job was to promote the event itself. There was a showing of the film, a forum for students and faculty and an open community forum. Our goal was to fill all three events.

These are the posters that my group created. They show different effects of fracking.

In other non-fracking words, there are 7 days left of school!! And I am SO excited to go home.

Meghan and I are planning Veronica's Bachelorette party right now. We are trying to come up with an awesome theme, but we are thinking about this...

Hahaha.... just kidding. Love you Veronica!

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