May 22, 2011


To celebrate our anniversary (a little bit late, but celebrating nonetheless), Dave and I went to the Lilac Festival this weekend. The Lilac Festival is an annual celebration in Rochester to celebrate the blooming of the lilacs in Highland park. I love this festival, because it is just time to relax together, look at the vendors, and enjoy the flowers. Here are some highlights:

Of  course there were beautiful lilacs, which since there has been so much rain lately, were in full bloom. The smell was so strong and lovely, and I just couldn't get over how big the bushes have gotten. Last year when we went, it had been very hot, so most of the blooms were gone already. I was glad to get to see them.

My favorite booth there is always the sea glass booth. I love (and am coveting) sea glass jewelry. I'm not usually a fan of when people make the glass into pictures, cause I usually think it's really hokey. But I loved this one. But it was $450!! I could not believe it!! So Dave and I decided that, since brown and green are the most common of the sea glass colors, we could definitely make this ourselves. So that is the plan.

I was so glad to enjoy such a nice day, even if we did both get a little bit sunburned :) I hope I can to share many more festivals with you this summer!

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