May 30, 2011


So since I have been out of school, I have been paying much more attention to my nails. I love having bright colors on, and in my trolling of Pinterest lately, I have been seeing some really cool ideas. I saw this photo and I  new I had to try it.

First I painted my nails. Most people recommend a neutral or pastel shade. I chose a bright robin's egg blue color.

Then it says to soak your fingers in alcohol, but I found that you can just dip them. You really just need to coat your nail. Then, press a piece of newspaper onto the nail so that the alcohol soaks it.

Peel off the paper gently, and then see your beautiful nail!!

At this point, you can still rub the newsprint off, so you should cover it with a topcoat. This will make the words not as dark, and may smudge them a bit.

Admire your beautiful nails!!

This is an easy and subtle way to give your nails an enhanced look. Everyone that has seen them has thought that they were those little Sally Hansen stickers. Same look, yet if you have the nail polish and get a newspaper, costs nothing!!

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