May 15, 2011


Since I frequently write about music, I have decided to create a feature called "Symphony Sunday." The music that I pick is not always going to be a symphony, but it will always be from the "classical" genre. I am a really big fan and advocate for classical music, and I think more people should listen.
Right this very second, I am writing a paper about Scheherazade, by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. I am absolutely in love with this piece. It tells the tale of the 1001 Arabian nights, and the young princess who captured an ornery Sultan's heart (and saved her own life) by telling him stories for 1001 nights.

The music is romantic and expressive, and we can hear themes that depict both the Sultan and Scheherazade. I love when that happens, and different people have their own theme music.

Here is the first part of this symphony, played by the Moscow Symphony, with Arthur Arnold Conducting and Elena Semenova playing the violin solo.

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