June 5, 2011


Last night, Care and I spent a little bit of time trying to do a "project." However, the kit that she got from our Nonie (our grandmother) was kind of old, and wasn't working out so well. So she had a kit of science experiments that we tried.

At first she was a little wary, and she didn't want us to do the experiments because they "would be dangerous, and ruin the house." I had to convince her that she would be totally fine, and that science experiment kits would never be sold to kids if they would blow up your house.

She finally joined me in making lava, a shimmer wave, a glitter wand and growing crystals. She had a complete ball.

Now this is all she talks about, and of course she wants to show everyone. I had to remind her to leave them in the kitchen and not bring them down into the family room, because the test tubes might open.

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