July 28, 2011


Since the end of the summer is nearing, I have been trying to do everything I can with Miss Caroline. She is always a fan of going to the beach, so I thought we would go to a different one in the area, and do a little bit of treasure hunting.

We set out in search of beach glass, in hopes that maybe we could make a project like this someday. (Sorry about the cut off picture, this was a covert photo that was taken while a sales lady wasn't looking!)

So we hit the beach and looked for some treasures. We not only found a ton of beach glass for only being there for an hour, but we found a ton of cool shells and rocks too. We aren't sure what to do with the shells and rocks yet, but Care wants to do something similar to the tree above with them. She was so proud to have found all the pretty things we did.

I am so glad to get to spend time with her this summer. She is getting so big, and developing such a vibrant personality of her own that every day just seems like a little gem. I'm going to be so sad when I have to go back to Erie for school, but I will be able to look back on days like this and smile that I got to spend time with my beautiful little sister.

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