July 20, 2011


For the wedding last weekend, I got my nails done with some acrylic tips. I have had "fake nails" before, but usually try to stay away from them as best I can. I can usually be found with no nail polish, and my nails cut very short.

So I thought this would be nice for Veronica's wedding. My sister and I got them done together, which was a nice sister bonding activity, and it was a week before the wedding- enough time to get used to doing small tasks.

This is how they looked immediately after finishing. They topped them with clear coat instead of a gel coat, which I always thinks looks better and lasts longer.

I consider myself to have fast growing nails, and this lasted all of 5 days before they started to grow, and I needed them filed down. They were a little bit shorter than this for the wedding.

Now, it is a week and a half later, and they are getting long again, not to mention looking grown out on my nail bed. I am not really planning on getting a fill, and I am a big baby about ripping them off, so I filed them down again (pretty short this time, so that it is a skinny french manicure).

After I filed them, I used a clear topcoat to go over the nail, focusing on leaving a little excess near the nailbed. This would fill in the little gap left by the growing nail. Here is the end result:

This was such a great way to get a few more days out of this manicure. They look like they are all one nail, and you can hardly tell that they've grown. Plus, this is a much more preferable length for me :)

Oh what you learn in times of beauty need!

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