July 2, 2011


I have decided that if I want to get anything done around here, I am going to have to start making lists again, even though it's summer. I am a compulsive list maker at school, but lately I have been trying to wean myself off them a little bit (does this sound like the latest episode of Intervention or what?).

Some monthly goals are in order to help me get things that I need, but mostly want to get done for my personal sanity. The things that all are on this list are mostly frivolous, my world is not going to end if my nails aren't painted. But I thought it would be a good way to actually do some of the things that I always want to-- by making them part of a goal list to check off!

So here is a look at what I hope to accomplish this month:

1. Be able to run 3 miles consistently
2. Finish my paper rosebud wreath
3. Take a TON of photos at Veronica and Jim's wedding :)
4. Finish The Scarlet Letter, and read Pride and Prejudice
5. Paint finger and toe nails once a week.
6. Take Miss Caroline on 5 bike rides
7. Try 2 new recipes out on my family
8. Finish all current decorating projects at my apartment in Erie
9. Go on a special date once a week <3
10. Actually SAVE some money!

I really hope I can cross most of these off!! I will certainly be letting you all know :)

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