July 1, 2011


There is a DIY overload over here.

I have a few projects in progress, like my pap rose wreath and my gold frame collection wall, but I just keep wanting to start more! I have no patience lately, and am totally not seeing things through.

I have been scoring good bargains recently, though. Earlier this week I thrifted a small gold swirly mirror, and a small gold frame for the frame collection wall in my dining area. There are also a few things at a local indoor flea market that I have my eye on.

And today I picked up a wreath form at the dollar store (and they had a ton, so I will definitely be back), and some new sage colored sheers for the living room. I'm not entirely sure if that is exactly what I was looking for for that room, but it will defiantly be better than what we currently have.

Look for some before and after photos of the gold frame wall and the new curtains coming soon!!

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