July 5, 2011


I've mentioned before about how much I love Pinterest. It is such a good place for inspiration. You can browse, or search more specifically (in this case the fourth of July).

I saw this idea on there last month when I was browsing. I really wanted to make a cake that had layers like a flag, but we didn't go anywhere to bring it, and are trying to eat a little bit healthier around the house.

So I settled on these lovely strawberries instead.

patriotic striped strawberries photo julystrawberries_zps1b01ed5e.jpg

This is how they turned out! And I had this totally cool and festive blue speckle plate to put them on! 

I have to say, white chocolate is not as easy to work with as milk or dark chocolate. It was hard to melt, and equally hard to dip the strawberries in. But the blue sugar sprinkles are so bright and wonderful! I love how bright and stripey these look!

While these weren't the healthiest things of all time, they were a nice, fresh little treat for a holiday (or any day that I feel like making a treat!).

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