August 4, 2011

july goals in review

So I pretty much sucked at following through with my goals this month. I feel like my life has been a blur of nannying, watching soccer and a few special events! I have gotten some of my goals accomplished, and some of them are started. But some of them aren't even started which kind of stinks. Here are all of those goals in review. 

1. Be able to run 3 miles consistently- I can do this!! I am running in my race next Saturday and I am SO excited!!
2. Finish my paper rosebud wreath- This isn't any further now that it was at the beginning of July.
3. Take a TON of photos at Veronica and Jim's wedding :)- I WISH I had done this!! There are a serious lack of candids from the wedding of us!!
4. Finish The Scarlet Letter, and read Pride and Prejudice- check! Halfway through Pride and Prejudice!
5. Paint finger and toe nails once a week- check!
6. Take Miss Caroline on 5 bike rides- fail. That back of seat carrier is SO heavy!!
7. Try 2 new recipes out on my family- This is hard, because my Mom does most of the cooking. I have made some good appetizers and desserts though for different things. 
8. Finish all current decorating projects at my apartment in Erie- I got some done!! Look here!
9. Go on a special date once a week <3- I think we do this! We try to go out a lot!!
10. Actually SAVE some money!- haha that's a joke.

I seriously hope that August will be better for goal reaching.

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