August 6, 2011


My family is here for a family reunion this weekend!! My mom's brothers and sister are all here together from out of town (which never happens!), and we have a big picnic with the extended family today. I am so excited for everyone to be together in one place.

Yesterday afternoon, we decided to have a girls lunch. We thought it would be cool to try something special and different, so we had afternoon tea. We went to a tea house in downtown Rochester called Lah-Tea-Dah.

I absolutely love this kind of thing. For my 7th birthday, we had a fancy lady tea at a different tea room in Rochester. We knew it was going to be fun the second we got there, because the whole house was painted purple! Miss Caroline said "Mommy, I love this place already!"

We enjoyed sandwiches and salads and tea of course, and wore fancy hats! Some of us liked the hats more than others. It was so nice to try something different. It was a relaxing atmosphere and very fun to pretend that we were fancy!

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