September 4, 2011

Five Great Things: Back to School

With everyone returning back to school last week and this week, I want to take a chance to share a a few things that I think are essentials to every college student's school career.

Sometimes schools give students a list of some things that they'll need, and you can always pick up the little lists from the stores that includes everything that they have that you could ever need in your life, but after 3 years of college so far, I have found that these are really important, and really, nobody ever told me I might need them.

1. A good flash drive. I use my flash drive ALL the time. You want to be able to transfer documents easily, especially if you don't have a personal printer (and who has the money to afford one of those?). Choose one that is at least 4GB, because you can always store documents on there as well. You never want to be the person in your class who lost their paper because it didn't save correctly. That would be horrible. And now they come in cute colors and shapes, seriously, invest in one!

I want this one!!
2. A reusable coffee mug and water bottle. This one is kind of a twofer. I know it sounds kind of obvious, but you'd be surprised. Bringing your own beverages every day will seriously cut down the amount of money you will be spending. This is a great thing, as most college students are on limited budgets. If you live in a dorm, and they do not allow you to have coffee pots (first of all, shame on them!), you should still get a good mug. Many coffee bars will give a small discount to people who bring in their own mugs to fill. And any little bit helps! I really like to make my own iced coffee, so I make that and put it in a different type of water bottle. I'll share that recipe soon! 

 1, 2

 3. A good, hard laptop case. It is imperative that any case that you get to transport your laptop be a hard one. You might not take notes in class on your computer, but you will travel around with it at some point. Be it to go to the library, to a friends house, to the local Tim Hortons to get your homework done (this is when my case gets the most action!), or simply making a trip home for break, you need to keep your laptop safe. I had a soft case for my freshman and sophomore years of school, and while it does protect the computer, it just isn't as safe, and I always worried about how I was setting it down and stuff. Definitely just go for the hard shell case. But now I have a hard Vera Bradley case, and I absolutely love it! (Thanks Nonie!) It is so great to use because it has a pocket on each side, and it has a strap that adjusts so you can carry it easily. 
This is my laptop bag. The pattern is called "twirly bird navy."
4. A candle warmer. Most dorms don't allow candles, but they do allow candle warmers if you pull the wicks out of the candle. This way, you get the smell of the wax without the flame. And who doesn't love the hundreds of scents to choose from? I bought my candle warmer at the dollar store, and I use it all the time. Plus, it gets rid of all the wax that is left at the bottom of the jar when you would normally be done burning the candle!

Currently on my desk :) 
5. A really, really good planner. I am serious, write down your stuff! I can't tell you how many times people say they forgot about something because they didn't write it down. Just get a planner and use it! I am a list person, so currently I have a moleskin with lists, a calendar with events, and my iPhone with everything else on it!! I'd go nuts without one!! 

I hope that you found this list useful. I know that these things are those that I use on almost a daily basis, and I didn't even think about them when I first moved away from home. I hope everyone enjoys their time back to school!

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