September 6, 2011


Since I now have hundreds of craft and decorating ideas from Pinterest swirling around my head, I like to try the ones out that I know will be appropriate in my no-paint/minimal nail hole apartment.

I saw this one on Pinterest, but I knew that I could do it differently, and that I wanted to add some color to our plain white hallway.

This is our hallway before:

Pretty plain, huh? So I wanted to try that same project, because I really liked the shape of hers,as well as the concept of making some art just for texture. However, I knew I wanted to bring some color into the hallway, so I decided to spray paint the canvases after I painted the design on. After agonizing over this choice for about two weeks, and having the paintings hang on the wall in a white state for a while, I finally decided to paint them watermelon Krylon.

I decided to just freehand a design in white puff paint that was similar to the one I found on Pinterest. I chose puffy fabric paint, because that was what would give me the most texture on the canvas. I used two canvases, so I made the designs in a mirroring way. They aren't symmetrical, and don't even really match up, but that hand-made quality is part of what I like about them.

After the agonizing was over, I simply sprayed them, which was a little bit difficult, seeing as how it is becoming fall in Erie, which means it is windy and cool and rainy. The thing that I really like about Krylon is that it dries really fast. I felt kind of uneasy about leaving these outside for very long with big, puffy, grey clouds outside. But they dried in about 10 minutes.

I love that you can still see the design, but it is very subtle because the canvases are all pink. Here is the "after" shot of them hanging in the hallway: 

I am still looking for a little decoration to hang in  the middle of the canvases. But it really makes a difference. No more sterile, white walls! I am determined to fill these walls before the year is up!

xo alex

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