September 8, 2011


Is anyone else addicted to foursquare? My friends and I are.

For anyone who doesn't know, foursquare is a game where you get points for checking in to places. You can become the mayor of certain places if you have the most check ins there, and you can gain badges for accomplishing certain feats. The goal is to always have the most points. You do this by going to the most places, and trying new places often. 

I swear, we cannot go anywhere without there being a mad dash to check in first. Now that we are back established at school, we are all fighting over mayorships, and competing for badges. It's ridiculous.

And yes, I do know how stupid I sound talking about a game on a phone. But this is serious business.

See they even rank you and everything. This new media game of monopoly is just trying to take over my life.

Currently, I am trying to get the School Night badge, but you can only get that if you check in somewhere after 3 a.m. on a school night. Guess who doesn't stay up that late? I am determined though.

Any technology have you hooked?
xo, alex

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