September 12, 2011


Recently, I went to an event on campus sponsored by the TOMS club. In all honesty, I really went to support my friend Meghan, who is a member of the club, but I found that I was really inspired.

Now a little background information is needed. I have wanted a pair of TOMS shoes for, well, just about forever. I asked for them from the Easter Bunny (I know... I'm 21, I need to get over it), and they were on my goals for May list (again, a little bit materialistic), and I still really want them. I don't care how cold my feet will be in about a month!

I know that the whole point of TOMS is that if you buy a pair of their shoes, they donate a pair to someone who is in need. I love that. But what I didn't know, is that they do that with all sorts of stuff!

Their One for One concept translates to all sorts of things. Clothing. Books. Food. And it doesn't just have to go to people in need in far away, unknown places. It can go to people in the U.S., people in your community.

I think this is such a cool mission, and a really easy way for people to help. TOMS is a start, and then you bring service into your community from there. In the future, our campus TOMS club will be involved with a local book and shoe drive.

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