October 26, 2011


In my hectic life the past month or so, I have started to notice that the weather has gotten cold. I mentioned to my Mom that I really didn't have any closed-toed shoes to wear, as I am a fan of free feeling feet (as I am typing, I realize how weird this sounds).

On Friday, I came home from school to find a mystery box sitting at my door. I hadn't ordered anything, and when I saw that it was a shoe company, I was even more confused. I am typically not a shoe buyer.

I opened the box, and I found a pair of brand spanking new grey TOMS!! At this point, I still didn't know where they came from, but I put them on anyway, and danced around my apartment. If you are a blog follower, you can see from this post that I have wanted these shoes since the spring.

I eventually found out that my mom sent me the shoes as a surprise. She is such a nice lady. I am so excited that I can now sport my new shoes, and it was so cool to read the stuff that came with them about how they send a pair to children in need. I love that mission.

My mom is such a thoughtful lady, and she is always looking out for us. Thank you Mommy for thinking about me, and sending me new shoes!

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