November 21, 2011


I am DIY crazy right now. I am staying in Erie to work over our term break, and I haven't really had much to do. So the DIY projects are in full force!

I have been looking for ideas of something to go on the wall over my bed for a long time. I thought about doing a two-canvas project, but I didn't see anything that I really wanted. Since the Christmas season has started so early, I picked up a string of lights, hoping that I could use them somewhere in the apartment.

Then I thought it would be so pretty to put them on the wall over my bed, and create a large headboard-type shape that frames my bed. I wanted to make them a little bit different, though, so I decided to put muffin papers on them, so the lights would have a glowy, flower effect.

To get the papers to stay on the light, I cut a little X in the middle of each paper. This way I could put the lightbulb through. (I recommend using LED light strings, so that the bulbs don't get so hot).

The papers are pink, yellow and blue, and I think they make the lights look like flowers. I was thinking about cutting the edges of each, but I like how they look.

Here are the lights hanging over my bed. I love how the papers diffuse the light, and it looks so soft. Hanging these over the bed just looks so pretty, and it adds some light to the room.

This was such an easy project, and really inexpensive too! The string of lights cost me $2.50, and the papers cost $1. I simply attached them to the wall with two small frame nails. Now I just need to find something small to put in the space between the lights. Maybe some word art?

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