November 4, 2011


I feel like I have been away from my little blog for so long! I miss my little corner of the internet! Things have been very busy here, as we are almost done with the fall term. I can't wait to share some stuff with you guys that I have been working on!

Since I didn't post anything around Halloween, I really wanted to talk about costumes. Costumes in stores are so expensive, and they usually look so cheap, and aren't really that clever.

I went to visit Dave for Halloween this year, but I didn't really have a plan about what I was going to be until, like, the day before I left. I was thinking that I wanted to be a gold digger, but I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull it off. I looked up some costumes on Google, and this is what I got:

Costumes for less must be a keyword for "you get less costume." Needless to say, this was not what I wanted. I wanted to be a glamorous gold digger. Like a real life one. And Dave was gonna be the rich man.

So I went to Goodwill, and was surprised to see a selection of Halloween costumes. I found this amazing (and coincidentally gold) sequin dress for only $10!

It was a little bit longer than I wanted, so I hemmed it and took it in a little bit (with my fabulous hand sewing skills). This was my end result:

Don't we look fabulous? Look at that guy in the suit! I think he's pretty handsome myself :)

I have to say, after finding such a great costume at Goodwill, and being able to easily transform it into what I want, I will never buy a pre-made costume from a store again.

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