November 29, 2011


While I was in Erie over break with not much to do, I gained an obsession of paint chips. This is a project that I found on Pinterest, and have been wanting to try for a while. Since I had two extra blank canvases, I decided to go for it while I had the time.

I chose several paint chips in jewel tones and neutrals. I originally wanted it to have a lot of magenta and purple, but it turned out to have mostly yellows. I cut them into strips that were about 1 cm wide. This allowed me to mix the colors up well, and make sure that they were varied appropriately.

Once the paint chips were cut, I used hot glue to attach them to the canvas. I wanted them to be layered, and create a sort of fringe effect, so I glued them in a straight line, only attaching the tops.

This is my final product! I love how it is very abstract, and has so much texture. The spin on color blocking is just a little bit more visually interesting. The best part about this project, is that it was completely free! Since I had the canvas already, I only had to get the paint chips from a hardware store.

Dave visited me for Thanksgiving, and loved this. I ended up giving it to him to hang up in his apartment. Sometimes he makes fun of me for my love of crafts and DIY, but since he was so captivated by this, I don't think he is going to tease me as much :)

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