December 29, 2011


I have been neglecting my little blog this month. It has been a little bit crazy, and a lot fun. I celebrated a birthday (22!), and of course Christmas.

My computer finally kicked the bucket this month, but I can't complain too loudly, because my parents got me a new one for Christmas. I am so grateful to them. I don't know how I'd finish my senior year of college without a laptop.

My birthday was wonderful. I got to spend lots of time with my friends, and I even got to see the cutest dance show of The Grinch. It made me so happy to see such little kids so interested in the arts.

Christmas has gotten very hectic. With both Dave's family and mine, we have 10 different places to get to a  in just a few days. I always feel so bad disappointing people, but it just seems like too much to make it everywhere. My vote for next year is to say forget it and do something just the two of us.

I have to say, December is my favorite month out of the year. There is so much seasonal spirit, and so many occasions happen, that this is the month I always look forward to.

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