December 31, 2011


Dave has gotten me many t-shirts over the years. They are mostly from big events in his life, but they always seem to be in too small of a size. He claims that he doesn't want to offend me by getting a big size, but I assure him that I would rather have a shirt that fits, than one that makes me feel too big for it.

I have wanted to do something with these shirts for a while now, but I could not decide on what to make. Finally I chose to make some pillows for him for Christmas. I thought that those wouldn’t be too girly, and he could use them for his bachelor apartment.

(Sidenote: My parents got me a sewing machine for my birthday, which opens a whole new gate of crafting projects!!)

Disregard my bed with all the blankets! I am limited in my crafting space!

All I did was cut the shirts into squares that would fit the pillow forms, and then sew them into a three-sided box. I had to hand stitch the bottom, so that the pillow would fit in. I have to say, that these two shirts explain Dave perfectly.

This was my first sewing project, and I have to say I am pretty proud of how they turned out. I am looking forward to sewing tons of stuff in the future!

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