January 15, 2012


I have to share my most secret desire. I want a puppy so much I can't event tell you!! So when my aunt asked me to puppy-sit for her this week, I jumped at the chance!

Bella is a half Pomeranian, half Chihuahua. She is blonde and she is the smallest, cutest, biggest personality that I have ever met in a dog. Talk about diva status.

Having a small puppy to take care of was a lot of work. I had to wake up extra early to bring her out (on a leash might I add, not just let her out the door), and then stay up late so she could go out at night. She had to be fed small amounts a few times a day, and always wanted to play. It was hard with my college student schedule.

But as hard as it was, it made me feel good to be responsible for something (something that wasn't just a plant). And it felt really good to have someone genuinely happy to see you come home every day. She would just run right up to me and lay right down on her back to get her belly rubbed.

Now I want a puppy more than ever!! (Ahem, I know Dave will read this!)

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