January 17, 2012


I thought that since I have been talking so much about college life, I would start to talk about my job search. You already witnessed my mini nervous breakdown, so now I thought I would start to talk about where I am looking for jobs, and the status of my search.

So many people think of "making it" as being a performer. Whether it be a pop star, a rock band or an opera singer. Well I don't want to be that. But I still want to be in the music industry. More specifically the classical music industry. I decided that am going to start writing a feature about my path to a career in music.

My field is Arts Administration. I have (or will in May) a bachelors degree in music, with a minor in arts admin. However, this qualifies me to work on the business end of the music industry.

In order for me to find a job right out of school, I cannot restrict myself to any geographic location. This means that I am looking all over the U.S. (which is so scary I can't even tell you). Though I could work with symphonies, playhouses or philharmonics, I would really like to work with an opera house. I am a vocalist, so this is naturally where my skills are.

Right now, I have my resume and references prepared. I have been scouring online databases and opera company websites to find places to send them. I am almost ready to do it I think! I just have to write some more cover letters, and I am sending them out one by one!! I will let you all know!!

I will be back with more information about making it in the music industry soon!

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