February 12, 2012


I am not very good at keeping up with this little blog. This blog has been killing me lately. I am trying to get all of my degree requirements done this term. That means four classes that I really could care less about. And they are all extremely difficult.
I have to say, that music has been a release for me more than ever this term.

This piece was suggested to me by my dear friend Liz, who is so many wonderful things, but I just found out is a closet opera lover! This is her favorite aria, so I wanted to dedicate this Symphony Sunday to my dear friend. Some of you might remember this from the scene in the movie "Philadelphia," when Tom Hank's character plays it for his attorney.

This is the fabulous Maria Callas, singing "La Mamma Morta" from Andrea Chenier by Umberto Giordano.

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