August 2, 2012


 If you came here looking for Charles Dickens, the French Revolution or Sydney Carton-- you are in the wrong place. The cities I speak of are Rochester, NY and Norfolk, VA (or as Dave likes to now say, "NAHfuhlk," because he thinks he's a local. And a southerner.)

 Anyway, my dear mother sent me these nice prints as a housewarming gift. One day when I was working, I got a very mysterious text saying "pick two of these colors," and a picture message of a color swatch. She wouldn't tell me what it was for, just that it was something in a pair, and it would go in my apartment.

This is what came in the mail yesterday! I was so beyond excited about them, that I ran right to target to get some frames. I have big plans for these babies.

 They are stylized photographs of the skyline of our two cities. The paper is in the two colors I chose, and it has a teeny tiny little print to it. They came from the Bugsy and Sprite Etsy shop, which I highly recommend! They will work with you to customize your prints.

This is the start of a geography art print addiction! Be warned!

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