August 4, 2012


I am so, so glad that Dave and I are able to live together right now. I am a FIRM believer that a couple should live together before they get married. Some people say that this takes away the "magic" or sanctity, but honestly we are just trying to get by and work out the kinks of life.

He has only been here for about three weeks, but this has been the best time. It hasn't been the easiest, by any means. We bicker about the most mundane things. The other day, I got SO mad at him, because he said he didn't want what I bought to make for dinner. So dumb.

 And of course there are the obvious things, like the fact that he is a night owl, and I'm neither a night owl nor a morning person. I like things to be very neat, and he prefers "organized clutter." And lets face it, boys just smell.

But what really counts, is that he is the person who makes me smile. After I was mad at him about the dinner choice, I still couldn't wait to see him and give him a hug when I got home because I just love him. We understand each other. When I don't feel good, he will rub my feet, and then knows I need some alone time. He has even started to cook almost all meals.  I love that now we can call this our home together.

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  1. Checking in on your blog! Can't wait to see pictures and updates on how your apartment is coming along. I loved your old posts about your last apartment with the great ideas you had....can't wait to hear how you've gotten Dave into helping with your craftiness :)


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