November 17, 2012


Yeah, you heard it. I Wagner.

Well, actually this whole adventure started out when Dave and I were thrifting one day many moons ago and I saw this funny little bust of Wagner. You know, he's the guy who wrote the Ring Cycle. I got it for him as a joke, and it sat in his dorm room all last year.

Fast forward to this year, and again we were thrifting when I found a little mini bust of my main man Grieg.

You probably (might) know a song by Grieg. They used one on the Little Einsteins once. And there's this really famous one that people play around Halloween called "In the Hall of the Mountain King."

I know, I know. Total music nerd. But when I saw this I had to have it. And then, at the next store, what did i happen to find, but three more little friends!! All together I had Wagner, Grieg, Mozart and Handel.

They were only $2 for all 5 of them. And they were found at three different thrift stores in two different states. I know. It was meant to be.

But they were all this ugly tan color. And Wagner was rocking this disco, metallic blue look. And I wanted them to look like they all were friends. So I decided to spray them with a quick coat of pistachio, and BAM.

We have a gathering of little Franken-poser busts. But really, they need a different color. The pistachio makes them either look like they are a weird science experiment, or they are feeling a little queasy. I'll keep you updated if I make any changes.

But they are currently placed around the apartment. I think they give a nice little touch, and say "someone who is a weirdo about music lives here!"

**PS: I'm sorry that all of these photos are very, very bad cell phone quality. My poor camera is broken, and waiting on replacement parts!

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