November 2, 2012

Vertical Wine Cork Message Board


No really, during hurricane Sandy, I had some time to actually do some of the DIYs I have been planning for a long, long time.

I'll start with a little back story... I had seen tons of stuff on Pinterest that was made with wine corks. different variations on cork boards, decorative wall hangings, coasters, you name it really. Now, my Nonie and her husband Cliff are total wine-os. Not in a bad way, but in a "This is a quality Cabernet" way. 

So when I expressed interest in doing a project with corks, I knew immediately who to ask. Well, no sooner had I asked, than I was given about three gallon ziplock backs full of corks. A little bit overkill.

I have some in jars on my kitchen table, just for kitschy decoration, but I still  had like, fifty million corks in a drawer in my room. So I decided to make a little message board. Dave and I often think we tell each other things...but sometimes that gets lost in translation. Plus, I had a weird ugly space to fill.

Please don't judge me because there is a towel turban on my heater. At this point, Sandy was in full swing and the roof was leaking into our living room. But yes! There is our fugly heater, with the weirdo space before you hit the door to the bedroom. The layout in this apartment really is weird. I have to show you someday.

We had some planks left over from another project, and so I just pulled out my glue gun, and started gluing all those corks on. I wanted them to alternate spacing, so some would have to be cut in half. I found it very easy to just cut them part of the way through with a serrated knife, and then break them apart.

Once I had filled the plank with corks, I hammered two sawtooth hangers in (I used two, juuuust for stability's sake. We have old, plaster walls), and FINITO!

I love that it fills the space without being too much. It also adds some visual interest, because all the brand names are on the corks! And here is a close up, just so you can see that I just used some regular push pins to attach the messages and photos.

Overall, this was a pretty easy afternoon project. And completely free. You just need to know a wine-o or two :)

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