April 29, 2013

A Scent-sational New Find

I have a love/hate relationship with perfumes. I love when other people wear nice scents, love when I find a product that has a nice fragrance and is affordable, and love sniff-testing new scents.

However when someone's perfume is very strong or has what I describe as a "twang" to it, that is one of my number one migraine triggers. Scents are a huge trigger for my headaches, so I have to be careful when I am in a large group, or when I am wearing scented products.

Plus I can't stand how expensive perfume is. I know it lasts a long time, but what if you get tired of it?

But I recently found these perfume rollers from francesca's collections that I quickly fell in love with. It came with two scents for $19.99 (a steal!) and they are the perfect size for travel, or to keep in your bag.

It came with francesca's Signature perfume, and francesca's indigo waters. Both have a warm, musky smell that I like. The signature perfume is a little bit more floral, which I like better for daytime, but the indigo waters is definitely my favorite. I have been rotating them pretty evenly, though.

This is also the perfect option if you are worried about using too much perfume. The rollerballs help contain the scent to where you put it, and you are not drenching your skin. So easy.

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