April 25, 2013

Keep Calm and Blog on

To be totally honest, which is what I am trying to be here (more on that later), I have always thought these things were kind of stupid...

Reasons why:

1. I hate when people call themselves or their children "the princess." Even though this isn't doing it directly, its kind of insinuating it. I think it is displaying a sense of entitlement. Unless you are a legitimate princess, duchess, countess, tsarina, etc. You should not be refering to yourself as such. Especially in your decor.

2. They are a fad, and people change them to say dumb things. And I quote: "Keep Calm and Be Preppy," "Keep Calm and Tweet It!" "Keep Calm and Go Giants!" and my personal favorite, "Keep Calm and Please stay on the line your call is important to us." Some of those don't make grammatical sense. And I only had to search "Keep Calm and" on Pinterest, and all of these came up within a few scrolls of each other. Really, you should look if you ever are interested.

3. I don't want to waste any more time explaining it.

However, as when you think most things are stupid. They come to be of use at some point or another.

This perfectly describes how I am feeling about my jump back into blogging on Lavender's Blue. I have taken a LONG break (since about November), and I really miss it. 

You already know about how this year has been insane with work. And I just feel like I need a release. I need a hobby. Dave and I have been doing things, sure. But I need a personal hobby. 

Which is where I come back to LB. I have had a whole new attitude shift about this (and I have been thinking about it for a while). This is going to act as more of a place for me to log personal thoughts and experiences than it ever has before. Basically, I am going to post whatever I want, regardless of what anyone who might come across this site might have to say about it. Totally truthful.

I feel like before I was trying to write to an audience, and it was a little bit stifling. Reading back on some of those posts, I don't even feel that that is my voice writing them. It is some robot Alex trying to be a "blogger."

So here's to a new beginning for this little blog. LB just turned two years old (OMG!) and I have not written about everything that I might have, in fear that someone might judge me. Well here I am to say--judge away, because I am going to blog on, for me.

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