April 26, 2013

Colonial Williamsburg

Two weekends ago, Dave and I took a little day trip up to Colonial Williamsburg. It's only about 45 minutes away from where we live. It was a beautiful day, and it was so nice to just spend some time together away from the distractions of work and things to be done at home (the laundry pile might need it's own zip code soon).

We ate lunch at a cute little place called DoG Street Pub, which was right in the center of "town." It was such a nice day, that we decided to eat outside. This is something that we will almost always do if a restaurant has outdoor seating. It is so worth it even if you have to wait a few minutes more. In this case, it allowed us to enjoy the beautiful day and watch all the people coming and going from shops.

I wish I had a photo of what we ordered, but when we eat out, I usually don't think on my feet fast enough. We started with a fried green tomato salad (ah-mazing) which we shared as an appetizer, I had the DoG Street Burger with fries, and Dave had a chicken salad pita. Everything was so delicious. All I have to say is that my burger had back bacon on it. YUM.

One of the really cool things about the Dog Street Pub was their beer list. They offered a number of craft beers in different sizes, which you don't really see often. They also fill growlers, so we might be making a trip back sometime soon :)

Then we walked around the town a little bit. You have to buy a pass to get in to all the buildings and to see the exhibits ($50 each!), but there are lots of things going on outside that you can enjoy. There were gardens, a graveyard, and many a shop. Dave liked to make the comment that they were trying to sell Olde-timey things. "Would you like to buy some ye-olde soap?" "Here is some olde-timey paper for sale!"

It didn't bother us much that we couldn't go in the buildings. A few of them were still closed for the season anyway. The one that we did want to go into was the first governor's house. So pretty.

For the rest of the afternoon, we continued our walk around the town, did some window shopping, ate some ye-olde ice cream and hit the road jack. We will definitely visit Williamsburg again soon. We are so close, and it was such an easy and relaxing day trip to take. We are also talking about going to see the other settlements around here--like Jamestown and Yorktown. I hear that you can get a bundle ticket with Busch Gardens too!

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