May 2, 2013

Books to Read: Gone Girl

One of my most favorite gifts to receive (hint hint!) are Barnes and Noble gift cards. I LOVE to read, but sometimes I feel constrained by the time limit you have with library books. With my cards from Christmas, I made some purchases, which I will be reviewing in the next few weeks. 

I heard about Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn from one of my coworkers. It has been on the New York Times Best Seller List for a long time, and it sounded like something that I would be interested in. I originally looked into this at my library, and it had a waiting list of like, five weeks or something crazy. 

Gone Girl is a murder mystery, which is something I have never really been interested in before. On Nick and Amy's fifth wedding anniversary, she goes missing in what looks to be a murder scene. All signs point to Nick, and his behavior doesn't do him any favors in winning over local law enforcement. What I thought was interesting was that the story was told from two points of view: Nick, and Amy's past diaries. And just when you thought you know what was going on, and who the murderer was... everything changes.

This book has now made the rounds at work. Nobody has had it more than a week, because you simply can't put it down. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

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