June 1, 2013

My First Visit Home in a Year

I can't even believe that it had been that long, but I had not been home since I moved down to Norfolk in June of last year.

I was so excited to see my family, and I knew that my mom would have every minute of my time planned. We had been talking about what we wanted to do, who we had to see, and even what I wanted to eat at meals for about two weeks before I left. I was starting to feel the pressure of being the "guest of honor" in my own family gatherings.

My visit took place over Memorial Day weekend, so that I could drive down and have a nice long weekend. The drive is about 10 hours in between Norfolk and Rochester, but both trips took a little bit longer due to weather and traffic. It was totally worth it though, since I felt like I got a perfect amount of time with my family.

Friday I spent most of the day having a girls day with my mom, and then we celebrated my sister's birthday!

One of the funny things about visiting a place after a year is everything that changes when you are gone. Things changed when I was at school, but I noticed that, since I would come home more frequently. This trip, there was literally a new plaza on a corner that had previously been a parking lot. The frozen yogurt above is from a new business that was opened by the same people that own the bagel shop I worked at in high school. Just goes to show you how things change and grow.

The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind of family gatherings. I got to see literally my whole family. All my grandparents, and a lot of my aunts and uncles. I even got to see a bunch of Dave's family.

This trip made me very sentimental. Sometimes I think I am sentimental to a fault. On the drive back to Norfolk I spent most of the time with the radio off, just thinking. I wish we lived a little bit closer. My grandparents seem so much older in just a year. My brother is going to college in a year. I don't want to be the guest of honor.

It's hard for me to be far away. I have always been very close to my family, and I miss them every single day. The fact that I have been so busy with work, and didn't get home in a whole year is something that I'll regret for a long time. I know that they love me and support me in building my career, but I feel like I need to do better with making time to go see them.

My long weekend was so much fun, and I wouldn't trade anything for it. And I'm glad my mom insisted on getting a picture of all of us together, even if it took an hour, and we were being eaten alive by mosquitos < 3

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  1. How awesome you got to go home for a weekend to see your family! Happy to see you are blogging again just came up in my blogging following feed!


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