August 24, 2013

Easy DIY Shelving for Art

Hi everyone! This summer I have had some time off to fix up our little humble abode.We were thinking about moving at one point, but due to some logistical issues, we are probably going to have to wait. 

Which is fine! We just need to continue to find storage solutions in our tiny "one bedroom" apartment, and to make it more personable and home-y for us. I put "one bedroom" in quotes, because though this apartment does indeed have one bedroom, the layout is really more like a studio with a wall to separate the two rooms.

So in my love of arts & crafts, DIY and all things cute, we have an impressive collection of handmade art (for those who are just starting out in life).  We don't have tons of wall space, so sometimes hanging everything can be tricky. 

I've been debating for about a year what to hang over the couch. I bought this loveseat at a garage sale about 4 years ago, for $70. It is a twin pull out, so it is incredibly heavy, and a biotch to move, but I love it. I love the stupid ugly floraly vine print on it. I love how weirdly comfortable it is. Dave wants to get rid of it (he's probably right), but I'm trying to hold on. I mean, everything in our house is a mish-mash, so why not keep this mash you like?

Anyway, there was a big gaping whiteish space over said couch. I suggested an assymetrical frame grouping, but Dave thinks those are stupid. And we already have one of those in the bedroom. And I guess he lives here too. SIGH.

I found this beautiful image, and immediately knew that that was what I wanted. We could put the art on the shelf, take up the space, it would be pretty (for me) and would not be a frame grouping (for Dave). Compromise for the win!

I happened to have a couple of old boards laying around from when we tried (and failed) to fix our bed slats. Measure twice, cut once people. 

I lightly sanded, primed and spray painted the boards. I made sure it is even, but didn't want it to be opaque, because I still wanted those knots to show through. Then I used some L brackets, and nailed them in. (Sidenote: This is not the correct way to do this, and if you have a drill, you should use screws. We do not, and did not want to rent one for this tiny project, so I made sure to use some good nails instead.)


Once it was up on the wall, I knew all would be right in the world again. See what I mean about the vine print? My next step was to hang my beautiful art babies on the shelf. It was VERY important to not overload the shelf, since it is only held up by some L brackets that are nailed into the wall. This kind of thing is okay for light pieces like artwork and the occasional Wagner, but I would NOT trust it with anything breakable or precious. This is your warning.

I didn't even choose a color scheme for my art, but it actually went together really well. Everything on here was either thrifted, or made by me as a craft project. Like Wagner and Bach, the bottlecap painting that is now a background for the David Bowie poster. And one time when I thought it would be cool to get change of address postcards made, but didn't send them. And I totally just realized that I never wrote about some of these. I think this is the second fail of the post.

Maybe I'll tell you more about those things later. That would be fun. I've been in this weird limbo lately between bored and overwhelmed. I had a very relaxing summer, but now that we are about to get into busy season again, it is like BOOM! LET'S GO GUYS! OPERA!

So in between dishes and laundry, my car is getting fixed, work is getting busy, we are booking a trip to Hawaii in January (YAY!) and I'm trying to work on my fitness. Oh and Dave and I are of course trying to spend some quality time together. Whether that be grocery shopping or something. I think my 80th birthday is coming up.

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