May 5, 2014


I am the world's worst exerciser. There--I admit it. I love to do it once I am actually in the act of doing it. However, I am not accountable AT ALL. If it were up to my lazy butt, I would have a marathon of every single thing that was on Netflix.

Enter Gympact. It's this cool app that keeps me accountable for working out every week. I set my preferences for what I want my goal to be, and if I don't reach the goal, I am CHARGED MONEY. I don't know what sort of genius came up with this idea but the thought of not losing money gets my rear in gear. And what's even better: if you do meet your goal (also known as your "pact") you make money. The money that was taken from the people who didn't reach their goal that week. Sheer genius I tell you. 

The rules for meeting your pact each week are pretty simple:
1. Each exercise must be over 30 minutes in length for it to count. You can count it on your device by "checking in" at one of the certified gyms, or by logging a distance of over 1 mile. If your gym doesn't show up when you try to check in, it's super easy to add it, Gympact will then just have to verify that it is, in fact a gym. 

2. You have to set a goal of at least 2 exercise sessions per week. Right now mine is 2 (the minimum because I'm lazy). Some weeks I go over and sometimes I have a hard time meeting it (see, lazy). It all depends on how busy your life is. You don't get extra credit for going above your goal, though. 

3. You also have to set a penalty. Mine is $5 per session missed (which is also the minimum--what does this say about me?)  that means that if I only do one logged exercise one week, I will have $5 debited from my bank account. And trust me, this has happened. 

Once you earn money, you need a PayPal account to withdraw it. You can withdraw once you have over $10. You can see here that I completed both exercises last week, and I am waiting for the app to tell me how much The reward I earned for the week is worth. Usually it is between 25¢ and $1 per week. But for real, you are getting paid to exercise. 

So if you need a little bit of motivation to keep moving, I highly suggest Gympact! It is available for both iPhone and android. 

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