May 9, 2014


I first was introduced to this water bottle from one of my favorite blogs, when Savannah was sharing what she got for Christmas this year. MaieDae is one of my favorite blogs to read--I love Savannah's style and how she is so real with her readers.

This Black + Blum water bottle immediately caught my eye. A couple of weeks ago I celebrated a 10 pound weight loss, so I thought it the perfect occasion to treat myself. 

I love the design, especially the cork top. It has kind of an hourglass shape, making it super easy to hold in your hand. I also really love is that the little charcoal stick filters the water, making it taste super clean. Sometimes the tap water here in Norfolk has a chemical taste to me, so it is nice to have a reusable bottle with a filter. The water that you drink from this bottle is SO clean tasting. The charcoal stick should last for three months before it needs to be recharged.

I purchased the bottle on Amazon for $20, and you can purchase additional charcoal inserts for $5. If you'd like more information about Black + Blum, please visit their website! They also sell bento boxes and other cool storage solutions. I don't think this will be my last Black + Blum product!

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