May 23, 2014


I love ice cream. I love soft serve, hard ice cream, blizzards, sundaes, slushes and even popsicles.Once the weather is warm, there's no stopping me.

Now that it is starting to get hot in Virginia, I want ice cream to eat all day every day. I don't know what it is, but my day isn't complete without at least a popsicle. My sister was here to visit last weekend, and we had milkshakes, slushes from Sonic, and Fro Yo. I may have used the excuse that I was spoiling a seven year old, but really... lets not kid ourselves. I'm addicted to that sweet icy goodness.

I thought I'd share this cute little article from the New York Times, about the universal appeal of the ice cream cone. It's pretty cool.

Stay cool on this warm Memorial day weekend, and share a sweet, cold treat with your loved ones!

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