May 8, 2014


In an attempt to cheer myself up from my recent funk, I signed myself up for an art class through a local shop that sells handmade products made in Virginia. I make a point to stop in Kitsch every time we are in that part of town, and when I saw that they were offering classes, I knew that it was something that I'd love to try.

I decided to try a hand lettering class which was offered last night. I am fascinated with the current trend of hand lettered chalk boards, and thought that it might be cool to learn a new skill. We were asked to bring a favorite quote, so I chose this one from Little Women.

The instructors spent about 45 minutes talking about space, weight and rhythm. What I really took from it all is that hand lettering is really hard. Kidding.

But really, hand lettering is more like drawing than writing, and the most important thing is to practice. 

We all practiced drawing out the quote we brought for the next hour or so. I was surprised how difficult it actually was. It was very therapeutic, though. To turn my brain off and focus on drawing the shape of each letter. Looks like I might have found a new hobby! 

Here is my finished result from the night:

At the end of the night we walked around the table and looked at each others work. This was a cool way to see what other ideas for composition people had, as well as what quotes they had picked. For some reason people loved how drew the word "learning." I was like thanks guys, I just wrote it and traced it. It's called cheating!

This was very fun, and a great way for me to unwind on a Wednesday night. I am definitely going to keep practicing my hand lettering, and also try some new classes at Kitsch! 

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