June 4, 2014


Last year at work, we produced Rodgers and Hammerstein's Carousel. For those of you who aren't familiar, that is a musical about a carnival barker who falls in love with a girl. Well in the show, there is a song called "June is Bustin' Out All Over," which is extremely  catchy. Moral of this long story: now whenever it is June, or even anywhere close to it, I just sing he song in my head all the time. I'll be doing it during this whole post. Be warned.

I have previously set goals for specific months and found that while I'm not always successful at it, it does give me something to focus on. If I don't have something to focus my energies on, I tend to obsess over things (bad), so I find that this can help keep me a well rounded, healthy, normal individual (always good).

june goals header photo junegoals_zps19ec7e84.jpg

June, June, June.

Sorry, I told you I was going to be singing it in my head. I tried to warn you ahead of time. Now, on to my goals.

  1. Keep a headache journal. I talked a little bit about my struggle with Migraine headaches last week. I saw the Neurology Specialist on Friday, and one of his (many) suggestions was to keep a headache journal for the next three months. This not only has to include things like where my head hurts and how bad it hurts, but also whatever I ate that day and what I did. So basically my whole life.

  2. Finish The Goldfinch. I have been listening to this on audiobook for like, 2 months! It is so good, but I seriously need some new material in my life! I am going to be making a car trip back to Rochester this month, so hopefully that can happen then.

  3. Try some new gluten free baking recipes. I have been reading a lot of studies that link gluten to Migraines, and have been wanting to try cutting it out for a while. Maybe this is the time to do it?

  4. Clean out our utility closet. Because spiders. 

  5. Send gifts to my college friends just because. Two of them recently sent me a care package, and it made my whole week. If I can keep sharing that feeling with more of them, I would love to do that! I miss my friends from school, and we don't keep in touch as much as I'd wish. We all have super busy lives far away. A little surprise in the mail is sure to make them smile. 

  6. Get my butt in gear for the 10k I signed up for in September. I really need to get moving on that.

  7. Get started on a graduation gift for my little brother. He graduates from highschool this month, and I'd like to DIY something for him. His party is August 1 and the clock is ticking!

  8. Get a better planning system for blog posting. Organizing my posting and idea system a little bit better.

I think this will do for now. I will definitely update you all once we get into July! PLEASE don't hesitate to remind me! Because it's Juuuuune!!!


  1. Hi there dropping in from the bloggers facebook group. I like your goals, so different from mine so I found them very refreshing.

    1. Thank you Sandra! My goals seem to be all over the map this month.

      I'm glad to have joined the Blogger's Facebook group--it seems like a very supportive and encouraging place!

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it difficult? I've seen some really awesome posts out there lately, and lots of good printables that I might try to get me started. This may lead into a post! :)


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