June 18, 2014


I've mentioned before that Dave LOVES the RedSox. He also loves collecting vinyl records, building his stereo system and listening to the records he's collected. I on the other hand, have very different hobbies. I like to read and do crafts. And obviously one of my biggest hobbies is managing this little blog space.
 photo dave20records201_zps83cde575.jpg

Honestly, I could give a crap about what the score of the Sox game last night was. And it feels like torture sometimes to sit in a record shop and wait for him to look at every single record--even though he has already seen them all, because we were there a couple of weeks ago. But these are things that he loves, and if I can support him a little bit, then I will.

I know that Dave cares about my hobby when he asks how many page views I've gotten in a certain day, or what posts I have planned for the week. I know he doesn't really care about that stuff. But just in the act of asking he is showing me he is showing that he wants to share in my interest.

I'm not saying that I am going to throw myself into baseball and collecting records or that he should throw himself into my blog. That's why I have my interests and he has his. It just doesn't hurt to show a little support for each other once in a while. And if we do go to a baseball game once in a while, you bet your bottom dollar I am there to cheer on the team eat a fried Twinkie and ogle at the men in tight pants.

 photo twinkie_zpseffa767f.jpg

See? Sharing your significant other's hobbies can be fun! :)


  1. Such a lovely post. I know exactly what you mean. Me and my boyfriend have different interest and hobbies. It's hard to find common ground sometimes. However I understand it doesn't hurt to be supportive. :)

    1. Thank you! I've found that while I am supporting his hobbies, I am starting to appreciate them more and more. Some of those baseball players are pretty nice to look at :)

  2. I think it's absolutely lovely that y'all try and support each others hobbies., I also like this little space you've carved out for yourself here. :)(:


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